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Dispatches from the MFA-W in Puerto Rico, Day Six

Posted by Ann Cardinal on Jan 16, 2012 3:56:00 PM

Day six.

describe the imageSo, I’m not a breakfast person. Safe to say, I’m nearly anti-breakfast, waking cranky and barely choking down a glass of water, but I have to admit it, Casa Cubey does have a knack for the first meal of the day. We sat together at one long table loaded with rotating trays of local fruit—banana, mango, pineapple, guava, and white grapefruit. There’s also a bowl of avena to share, which is a sweetened oatmeal dish, and coffee brewed from beans grown on the island. In the open air of morning, everyone seemed gently cheered by the start of this new day.

Afterwards, we had our third workshop, followed by Rigoberto’s lecture on Caribbean literature and politics. The rest of the day, until dinner and the first student reading, was for us to enjoy on our own. For me, this meant some much needed rest, followed by a walk down to the waterfall at the base of our lodge. The water was Vermont cold, so I spent more time lizarding myself on a flat rock, but Ann cardinal and Leah Kaminsky sure did kick up a splash. Following Ellen Lesser’s lead earlier yesterday, they swam to the perfect nook to position their bodies so that the water cascaded around their neck and shoulders. In the light, it made Leah’s arms look as if they were silvered in ice, and for a minute, she looked about six years old, her head thrown back in an expression of pure joy.

--Nickole Brown, MFA-W '03

Cubuy water

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