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VCFA at AWP: Decisions, decisions

Posted by caitlin leffel on Mar 2, 2012 9:33:00 AM

describe the image[Day 3 at AWP/ which our now-veteran on-the-ground reporter, Caitlin Leffel MFA-W '10, makes her way through the literary labyrinth.]

Today is all about choices. Really hard choices, that start early in the morning. At 9, do I go to the panel on emerging nonfiction subgenres, or go hear Patrick Madden speak and read with Fourth Genre? At 10:30, do I go hear about screenwriting, or do I finally check out the book fair before all of the good journals (and candy) are gone? At noon, there are more tough choices, and lunch doesn't even crack the top three. I try to channel Louise, from residency #1: Pace yourself, pace yourself.

The reason why I'm feeling a little behind today is because I dedicated most of yesterday to prepping for my panel. And I'm pleased to report that I think it actually went really well! I had SO MUCH fun, and based on the Q&A and response we got afterwards, I think the audience got a lot out of it too. (And I think at least one person got a book idea out of it, based on my random editorial endorsement of cats wearing neckties.) Since I started my MFA, I've discovered so many cool ways to connect with writers. Being a panelist was a new one, and I just loved it. And loved my other panelists, Sarah and Turi from ModCloth, agent Rachel Vogel, and very recent debut author,  Claire Bidwell Smith. We're cute, right?

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It's nearly 9, so I've got to make up mind! I know you readers are all on the edge of your seats, and I promise I'll let you know ASAP every last detail on what I choose to attend today. AWP is a feast, and I think I'm about go on a massive binge.    

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