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Vermont College of Fine Arts' MFA in Music Chair Releases New CD

Posted by Lyn Chamberlin on Mar 20, 2012 10:05:00 AM

Tamar Diesendruck, Faculty Chair of the MFA in Music Composition program, has released a new CD, The Grief That Does Not Speak.

Performers on this latest recording of Diesendruck's work include The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury conducting, New England Conservatory Cello Ensemble, Alan Fletcher conducting, The Furious Band, Roger Zahab (also a member of the MFA in Music Composition Faculty) conducting; and The Firebird Ensemble.

Tamar Diesendruck ProfilePhoto 150x150.original 1 resized 600Diesendruck is a distinguished composer and a passionate teacher whose work has been performed around the world. Her favored compositional medium is virtuosic chamber music, although she has also composed solo, orchestral, choral, wind ensemble, and vocal works. Her music is often characterized as having a wide range of expression and includes experimental pieces like 8 ------>∞ for eight cellos (eight tends toward infinity) and unusually slow, stark music like the grief that does not speak. Other works from the1990s find common ground between disparate musical cultures. Recent works avoid references, and in the last few years, some freedom for the players has been incorporated in an effort to create complex webs and networks of sound that are fashioned from fragments of individual "utterance.” In DAGGER/the night has been unruly, rhythmic freedom is guided by the use of speech rhythm from players' interpretation of text as a way of shaping longer lines and gestures. Strange Parade has layered musical spaces and passages in which the listener can dwell in texture, meander amongst voices which branch and wander, focus on elemental shapes, or be carried along by eddies and currents. In Still Speaking (2010), microtonal "tinted" colors add further subtlety; almost all the sections of the piece are fashioned out of "DNA" from a striking melody from the middle of the piece, not audible on the surface of the sound, but deeply felt.

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